Paul Walker’s “Ghost” standing next to Vin Diesel (Video)


(April 13, 2015) – A photo tribute that shows Paul Walker’s “ghost” standing next to Vin Diesel has gone viral.

The photo, created by Jeffrey Raymond Frohlich, shows Diesel leaning against a car with the silhouette of Paul Walker standing next to him.

Walker, 40, was killed in a car crash in November 2013 in Southern California while taking a few days off from filming the seventh “Fast and Furious” movie. The film was finished using previous footage and stand-ins including Walker’s two brothers.

Earlier this year, Diesel revealed he named his daughter “Pauline” after the late actor.


As reported in December, Universal sources said then the studio would pursue the same solution it used on Gladiator when actor Oliver Reed died of a heart attack during filming in Malta. The insurance company allowed Director Ridley Scott to shoot Reed’s remaining scenes with another actor with all changes totaling an estimated $25 million (13 years ago.) Since Reed’s character was critical, the script was rewritten for the character to die, body doubles were used, Reed’s face was superimposed digitally and it cost the studio anywhere from $3.2 million to $5 million depending on who you talked to. The film won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Picture and was dedicated to Reed’s memory.


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